Dojo Van Rel Summer Grading

As always, eligibility to take part in gradings is based on attendance, ability and belt rank. Students who are selected to grade will be sent an email invitation one to two weeks before the event. 

This Summer the grading will be held during regular class times and days on the following dates:

Saturday, 30th June
Monday, 2nd July
Tuesday, 3rd July
Wednesday, 4th July
Thursday, 5th July

Upon passing your grading, students will be invited to receive their new belt and certificate at the Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, 7th July from 10am-11:30am. This will take place at the Chetwynd Road location in the Upper Hall. Please note, all students must be neatly presented with a clean uniform as they will be required to demonstrate a portion of their syllabus on the day.

Please note: The regular Saturday classes will not be held on this date.