"Our daughter has been inspired by attending her Karate course each week with Gabriel. It is a great pleasure to witness her confidence grow and belief in her abilities be encouraged in a disciplined yet supportive environment. We're really glad we found you."

- Mark, father of a Karate Kid.

"As a self confessed karate addict I have been lucky enough to train with some very talented and highly regarded senseis. I consider sensei Gabriel to be one of the best. Not only is his karate technically excellent but he is also a great teacher...
His classes are challenging informative for students of all levels, and he is able to accurately assess individual’s strengths and weaknesses. I have also had several private lessons with sensei Gabriel, which greatly helped me prepare for competitions and my shodan grading."

- Rachael, Black Belt, Adult Program.

"It is so nice to find something that all three of my children are excited and happy to attend.  They talk about their classes non stop and ask every morning if today is a Karate day!  Gabriel has an amazing way of connecting with the children and is an excellent role model, especially for my boys.  They leave their class with a feeling of self achievement, which a is such a positive thing for us as parents."

- Lisa, mother of two Tiny Tigers and one Karate Kid.

"Our kids started karate by joining the summer camp. They both came back enthousiastic about what they had learned and how much fun it had been, and we haven't looked back since. Gabriel is an amazing teacher. He knows how to connect with children of all ages. He makes karate fun, all the while encouraging the kids to aim high and keeping them focused. Our son has grown in confidence and determination. Our daughter started when she was 4. At first she was the youngest in the group and found mastering the moves and the class a daunting challenge. Gabriel knew how to keep her motivated and even convinced her to take her first grading (no small feat!). There was a gigantic smile on her face when she earned her orange belt and it has boosted her self-confidence no end. Now they practice karate on their own and would not miss a lesson!"

-Delphine, mother of one Tiny Tiger and one Karate Kid.

"I took up karate only a few months ago seeking a new sporting challenge, something that would extend me physically and engage me emotionally. I am glad I chose Shotokan karate and, specifically, feel very fortunate to be practising it at Dojo Van Rel. Gabriel Van Rel, sensei, is an inspirational practitioner, expert in the techniques and tenets of Shotokan karate and other martial arts, but also a patient, humane, instructor and communicator. Gabriel’s personality and professionalism pervade the dojo but I have also been gratified by the willingness with which other black belts at the dojo offer their advice and support.
“In the short time I have been attending the twice-weekly sessions at Dojo Van Rel, I have learnt a lot about the importance of correct stance, the controlled release of energy, speed of reaction, economy of movement, inner stillness and relaxed defensive guard, but also the importance of equanimity in all human exchanges, whatever the context. I have fallen into a pattern of slightly nervous (but positive) anticipation before my karate sessions and something approaching exhilaration after them. I find myself rehearsing defensive blocks at my desk at work and practising punches in front of the bathroom mirror at home. For me, karate has quickly become a major part of my life, extending beyond the dojo as it should.
“I would recommend Dojo Van Rel without reservation to anyone embarking on their karate path or returning to it after time away. I only wish I’d started karate decades ago with an instructor as technically gifted and ably communicative as Gabriel.

- Andrew, Adult Program.

"Finn started in The Tiny Tigers when he was four and we watched to see how it would go..... We'd tried various other classes e.g. football and although these were fun there was no real sense of achievement so when school started and tiredness set in, the classes became a chore for him and so we dropped them.
  Gabriel's Karate class has struck a perfect balance, Finn has great fun but he is also constantly striving to learn and to progress. His sense of personal achievement and satisfaction when he gets praise from Sensei keeps him skipping to classes every week!"

- Ayesha, mother of one Tiny Tiger.