Privacy Policy 

This notice explains how we collect and use your personal information in line with the laws that are in place to protect it.

Dojo Van Rel is a business that deals with the education of Martial Arts. We collect information about you to help you achieve the goals that you are looking to accomplish from training in the martial arts at our school.

The sort of information we normally have is your name, address, date of birth, any ailments or conditions that we need to take into account while you practice with us. For example you or your child have asthma and occasionally need to use an inhaler before, during or after class we will note it in your file. We may have details of contact we have had with you or information from our marketing activities and sometimes pictures too.

We may also give your information to other businesses we trust such as the Educational Funding Company and Kicksite to help us with our billing and management of your progress with our school. They will only use your information as we tell them to.

We will keep this information as long as the government tells us to. We may hold it for longer if it’s useful.

We have put processes in place to help stop your information from being accidentally lost, used or given to somebody that shouldn’t have it. Your information is only made available to those who need to know it. If something bad happens to your information, we will deal with it and let you know when we have to.

If you want to know what information we have on you, please ask. If it’s wrong, it will be changed. If we should not have it, we will delete it. If you want to stop us using it... again, let us know. When you want your information back, we will give it to you.

You can change your mind at any time and let us know if you would like us to stop using your information by contacting Gabriel, our Data Protection Point of Contact at We will then stop using your information unless we have a reason to continue doing so or have to by law.